Vectric Newsletter - Issue 79

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Vectric Newsletter - Issue 79

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Free Project of the Month
Jade & Ebony Box - ... y-box.html

Version 8.5 Software OUT NOW -
We are pleased to announce that Version 8.5 of Aspire, VCarve (Pro & Desktop) and Cut2D (Pro & Desktop) is now available. This is the direct successor to V8, and includes enhancements in all key areas of the software. In addition to these improvements, both versions of VCarve along with Aspire have added a new machining function called the 'Moulding Toolpath' and Aspire also gains 'Create Texture Area' - a very powerful new modeling function.

Version 8.5 is a FREE upgrade to all customers who already have a copy of version 8.0. If you do not already own V8, the upgrade prices for the products can be found on the upgrade page.

The new software installation is being distributed via your Vectric Customer Portal account which allows you to access software and clipart along with your licence codes at any time. It will be a completely new installation, not a patch. If an existing copy of the version 8 software is currently installed then your existing Tool Database, Postprocessors and Gadgets will be copied across to the new installation.

If you are a V8 customer and do not have access to the Vectric Customer Portal please contact with your registration information.

Jim McGrews Aspire Camp - Review
Click the link to read the review and view some pictures - ... eview.html

Maker Faire - Review
Click the link to read the full report and see more - ... .html#more

Design & Make - NEW PROJECTS!
Lest We Forget No.1 -
Dad's Garage No.2 -
Let's Ride No.2 -

Am's Barber Shop Sign - ... .html#more
Vectric team member Am has been busy in the Vectric Labs, working on his second CNC project. This month he has created a shop sign for his barbers store front.

User Forum Showcase
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Graphic & Web Designer

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