Vectric Newsletter - Issue 76

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Vectric Newsletter - Issue 76

Post by AmritpalP »


Free Project of the Month - Beef, Fish & Poultry Trivets - ... ivets.html

Case Study - Father Ed & Sacred Art - ... d-art.html

Recent 3D Clip Art additions...
The folks at and Design & have been busy creating amazing new bits of clip art and fun projects for you to enjoy this month.

Vector Art 3D have added a small selection of new models that includes a detailed 3D relief model of Mount Rushmore, which is available for purchase today. Click the link below to see this and all the other recent VectorArt 3D additions.

To visit the VectorArt 3D recent addition library click the link -

The Design & Make team have released 4 brand new projects to give you ideas for what you might make with your CNC this year. With Easter just around the corner they have released a project set entitled 'Easter Fun No.1' as well as 2 'Fun in the Sun' projects to get people in the mood for Summer. There is also a new 'Be Mine No.2' project for year-round CNC romantics or for people who need 11 months to get ready for Valentine's Day 2017! Follow the link below to be taken to the Design & Make project shop to view these new additions and all the other great ideas they have there.

To visit the Design & Make online project shop click the link -

The Vectric HQ has moved!
We're very pleased to announce that Vectric has moved to a new building. It has taken several months of planning and refurbishment and then recently a very busy couple of weeks sorting, packing and moving. The new office has more space and more importantly a much bigger workshop area for Vectric Labs. We're already feeling the benefit of having a top quality facility to work in and this will provide us with much more scope as we continue to grow the business.

If you would like to see a few pictures of Vectric's new Headquarters then click the link - ... ffice.html

New Additions - Tips & Tricks Videos
We announced our new 'Tips & Tricks' video library last month and we have had a great amount of positive feedback from our users.

This month we have added more videos for you to view. Please remember that if you have any video requests email your suggestions to

Click the link to view the Tips & Tricks Library -

User Forum Showcase
Insignia Giant Pin - ... &view=next
Wine Bar -
Carved Doors -
Vessel Sink -
Cutting Board -
Flower Tabletop -
Love Candy Box -
Alpaca Stool -
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Re: Vectric Newsletter - Issue 76

Post by calgrdnr »

bigger workshop area for Vectric Labs
hmmm I see what appears to be a portable Dart board some kinda game table air hockey ? .. and regular table... were is the CNC ? workshop :P

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Re: Vectric Newsletter - Issue 76

Post by JamesB »

Hi Kent - the workshop is still a work in progress. Some of it is functional but it also has a number of partly assembled pieces of CNC machinery, storage shelving etc. Hopefully we'll have some pictures of that area for the next newsletter.

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Re: Vectric Newsletter - Issue 76

Post by ohiococonut »

I always enjoy reading the forum everyday and learning everything I can which has allowed me to advance in my techniques. The wealth of knowledge here is unsurpassed and the willingness to share it is unbelievably refreshing. Having recently upgraded to Aspire 8 allows me to eliminate steps and actually accomplish some that weren't possible before (at least for me). The new features are a welcome upgrade and I find myself spending more time creating projects than actually carving them simply because I can.
I'm glad to see Vectric expanding because it's a testament to their commitment to providing us the best possible tools to create projects using their software which would otherwise be out of reach for all but the wealthy.

Kudos to the Vectric Team and this community. Thank you!

I often refer to this section as a refresher to gather more ideas for projects and keep up with the goings on at Vectric.
psssssst........the links for the Insignia Giant Pin and Carved Doors take you to a different post.

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