Vectric Newsletter - Issue 65

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Vectric Newsletter - Issue 65

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Free Project of the Month - Peanut Shell Dish ... tDish.html

Case Study - Richard Odom ... dOdom.html

Design & Make (and Vector Art 3D) models can now be loaded directly into VCarve V8!

The release of VCarve version 8 and its ability to import and assemble multiple V3M format models has opened up the use (directly within the software) of the CNC-ready projects on the Design & Make website. Previously these projects could only be utilized with Aspire so this creates a wealth of new 3D options for VCarve users.

The Design & Make projects consist of a selection of closely themed models which can be loaded into VCarve 8 (or Aspire) then scaled, moved and overlapped to create a customized 3D layout. This can be taken a step further by combining models from other D&M projects you may already have. The finished 3D layout can be machined and personalized with text or other V-Carved, Profiled or Pocketed toolpath decoration which can be projected into the 3D surface.

As well as the projects from Design & Make, any of the V3M file-format models from the Vector Art 3D website can now also be used with VCarve V8. These can be individually machined or as with the D&M projects combined to make more complex layouts. This new functionality makes it possible to easily add a decorative embellishment to a wood-work project or to add value to a sign or plaque with the addition of a 3D graphic. Both websites have free sample models to download and practice with so you see how easy this is to do!

Visit Design & Make website:
Visit VectorArt 3D website:

Software Releases

As we announced last month, the latest versions of Aspire, VCarve and now Cut2D have been released. There have been major enhancements to previous functions and the addition of all new software features in all areas of the programs. To experience the power of the new software releases, download the FREE trial versions - or for more information about the features and enhancements in the new versions please click on the button below.

Click the link to Download Trial Versions -
Click the link to view the Features and enhancements of the new versions -

Vectric User Group 2015

We had hoped to announce the location and dates for this years User Group Meeting in this month's newsletter. Unfortunately our chosen venue fell through at the last minute, we're close to confirming a new location and expect to have more news on this in the next week or two. As soon as we have concrete information we'll make an announcement on the Vectric User Forum.

Vectric's 10th Anniversary!

It seems hard to believe but as of April 1st, 2015 Vectric is now 10 years old! We’ve come a long way in the decade since Brian Moran and Tony McKenzie started the business in the back-bedroom of Brian’s house. The first year saw the release of VCarve Wizard V1.0. Since then there have been a lot of new ideas and a lot more software, culminating in the recent release of version 8 of our three core products - including our brand new Desktop Editions. Vectric's history now includes several office moves and a team of 14 people. In addition, the company has expanded with the acquisition of Vector Art 3D and Design & Make to include professional 3D models, fun clipart and complete CNC projects in our portfolio of products. Throughout this time, however, we have never forgotten that our successful business is built on great software and the real pleasure of Vectric’s first decade has been seeing what our customers can do with it! You never cease to amaze us and we would like to take the opportunity of our birthday to say a genuine thank you for your business and support over the last 10 years. We look forward to continuing to work with you for the next decade and beyond!

User Forum Showcase

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