Vectric Newsletter - Issue 64

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Vectric Newsletter - Issue 64

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Vectric are very pleased to announce the release of VCarve Pro Version 8.

The most significant new tool is the ability to import an individual 3D model from another design system (STL, OBJ, 3DM, SKP etc.) along with the addition of 3D roughing and finishing toolpaths to machine the shape. The 3D cuts can be combined with the 2D and 2.5D toolpaths in the software, dramatically expanding the type of parts that can be made with VCarve Pro.

To take this a stage further the software can also import multiple pieces of Vectric 3D Clipart (V3M file format). These can be combined and overlapped to make more complex 3D part assemblies before generating the toolpaths. The upgrade includes over 300 pieces of 3D clip art, with over US$2000 worth of 3D models from Vector Art 3D!

VCarve Pro has also seen new features and enhancements made to the current set of drawing tools and the 2D and 2.5D toolpath strategies. Options such as the vector texture creator make it easy to cut decorative textured panels or create realistic grain backgrounds. Finish quality and efficiency has been improved with the "Last pass allowance" on profile machining and the "Merge Toolpath" function to join toolpaths using the same tool. The software is also now available as a 64-bit install, increasing performance on compatible operating systems.

These are just a small selection of all the improvements in the new version, to find out about upgrade eligibility and pricing, read a more in depth description of the new features, watch demonstration videos and to access the Free Trial download, please visit the What’s New in VCarve Pro 8 Page: ... tsNew.html

IMPORTANT: All existing VCarve Pro customers should now have received an email from Vectric regarding the new release, including information about the upgrade options. If you have not seen this message then please check your spam folder for an email received from “” – if you are still unable to find the original notification then please contact as soon as possible to let them know.

VCarve Desktop

With the release of version 8 we have expanded the VCarve product range to create a new Desktop edition of the program. This option is available to customers purchasing a new copy of the software. The Desktop edition provides a lower-cost alternative for anyone who uses a smaller light-duty CNC. You can see a detailed description of the differences between each version on our Desktop-Pro Comparison Page: ... rison.html

You can also download the Free Trial installation of either the Pro or Desktop edition from the VCarve Trial Page:

Aspire - V8 Released

Aspire V8 was released earlier this month, this saw a significant number of enhancements and new features made to the program.

To make the 3D layout simpler and more intuitive you can now access component editing functions directly in the 3D view. There are also improvements to sculpting and smoothing for 3D shapes and an attractive shadow shading option to further enhance the rendering of the 3D model. The included Clip Art had a further 150 Vector Art 3D models ($1500 value) added to it. For the drawing and toolpath side of the program there are a large number of additions to many of the tools and machining strategies to increase flexibility and finish quality.

If you are an existing Aspire customer and did not receive an email regarding the upgrade then please contact for more information.

To find out about upgrade eligibility and pricing, to read about or watch videos on the new features or to access the Free Trial download for Aspire V8, please visit our What’s New in Aspire Page: ... tsNew.html

VCarve V8 and Aspire V8 Patch

Since the original release of Version 8 we have made some new additions to the Job Setup Sheet feature as well as fixing reported issues. As such we have a new release versions available: Aspire V8.012 and VCarve Pro V8.012.

If you have already installed VCarve Pro 8 or Aspire 8 you can use the “Help” drop down menu from within the software and click “Check for Updates” to patch your version or you can login to your account on the Vectric Customer Portal to download the latest full-install.

Any problems or questions with this then please email
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