Design & Make Newsletter June 2024

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Design & Make Newsletter June 2024

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Todd's Top Tip
We understand that you want to have options with your models so that you can use them in different types of projects. That is why we offer a healthy discount if you purchase all three single model styles at once!

We all have our favorite pastimes - Showcase yours!

We all have things we look forward to doing when we find ourselves with some spare time. Some will grab their camera, or a pair of binoculars and head out off the beaten path to see what mother nature has been hiding. While others might like to put on their headphones and listen to their latest vinyl purchase or grab their handheld gaming machine and loose some time in a virtual world!

Whatever your favorite pastime happens to be there is always a project that can be made to make things even more enjoyable. A box with a camera carved in the top to store your snapshots, an applique to add to your gaming station, or even a trophy cabinet to display all your pub game trophies! We have you covered!


Hack of The Week No.270 - Space Helmet Plaque


UGM Announcement - Speaker Announcement

Brian Novak - Streamline Automation

Brian Novak is joining us from Streamline Automation, a Canadian technology provider who has been providing automation systems, software, and training for over 20 years.

The FROG3D brand of CNC systems that Streamline provides works primarily in the large-scale production environments, so they are used to doing projects on a big scale. Brian has years of experience using Vectric software differently than most people might and has access to large format FROG3D CNC routers to achieve his larger-than-life ideas. Brian has been using and teaching Vectric Aspire for many years, and is excited to share his experience. His focus will be on utilizing Vectric for sculptural enlargements, including harnessing the full power of the slicing and nesting capabilities.

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