Vectric Newsletter April 2024

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Vectric Newsletter April 2024

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Vic's Top Tip
Did you know you can now view your vectors and bitmaps in the 3D View? Better yet you can easily toggle their visibility on and off in the View toolbar, helping you on the mouse miles and making it more convenient for you too see all you need in one view without switching between views!


Jewelry Tray with Sketch Carving
In this new FREE project we show you how you can use the brand new sketch carving feature in v12 to create a jewelry tray that would be the perfect keepsake gift for your Mom on Mother’s Day, or any day for that matter!

Beki shows you how easy it is to simply take a photo on your phone, import it into the software and apply a quick sketch carve toolpath to decorate the simple trinket style tray.

DOWNLOAD NOW ... ch-carving

Hack of The Week No.268



Maker Spotlight - Streamline Automation Reception Desk

We recently caught up with Brian Novak of Streamline Automation to find out more how they went about creating a new reception desk for their offices using Aspire and their FROG3D milling machine.

Having recently moved office into a newly renovated building, they wanted to freshen up the décor and furnishings to match their new location. The reception desk was a great opportunity to show off the FROG3D system whilst creating a functional statement piece.


VIEW PROJECT ... ption-desk

Design & Make - New Perfect For Sketch Carving Models COMING SOON


Vectric 2024 User Group Meeting Austin, Texas - UGM Announcement - Speaker Announcement

Kyle Ely - Learn Your CNC

Kyle built his first CNC machine in his bedroom at just 16 years old! He taught himself how to use the machine and Vectric software and landed a job working with large, industrial CNC machines for a New York City company. After sharing his experience with makers around the world he noticed that many other new CNC users had the same questions he had when he started out so he created easy-to-follow training courses that help students reach their CNC goals quickly.

Kyle will be joining us at our Austin UGM to give a live session on working efficiently in Vectric software, covering how and when to use layers and templates to automate projects that use common toolpaths and designs.

BOOK NOW ... eting-2024

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