Design & Make Newsletter April 2023

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Design & Make Newsletter April 2023

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Todd's Top Tip

Have you ever used "mirror mode" to create a symmetrical layout?
V11.5 adds many graphic enhancements, making these sorts of layouts with your D&M content quick, visual and so much fun.

New Dragon Kingdom Models

For all lovers of myths, legends, folklore, fantasy, and role players, why not add more mythological magic to your table top role play gaming with our brand new dragon kingdom model project at the Design & Make store! Adventure hinges on more than just a throw of the dice but it’s not about the winning; it’s the theatrics and friends you make along the way!

See how easy it is to use these devilishly detailed models to make a dungeon master screen, themed backdrop, dice tray or even personalised furniture! Try one of the models or mix and match with your own library and add your own dangerous dragons, brutal barbarians, wicked warlocks and spectacular sorcery to your online shop or table top!


Hack of The Week No.261 - Firefighters Gift Plaque


New K9 Unit Models Coming Soon!

Customer Focus | Phoenix Creative Crafts - Garden Gonks

Newly founded maker Craig from Phoenix Creative Crafts spotted these cute models and simply had to make some using a combo of VCarve, Design & Make clipart and his new CNC. With a love for wildlife and woodworking Craig relished rustling up these critters, adding a splash of paint to make them pop!

Find out how Craig regularly uses clipart to enhance his projects and how he quickly turned these Scandinavian critters from an oak block worktop into detailed personalized good luck gifts and see how you can make your own Garden Gonks that would look right at home in your garden!
VIEW CASE STUDY ... den-gonks/

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