Design & Make Newsletter February 2023

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Design & Make Newsletter February 2023

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Todd's Top Tip

D&M "model projects" are easy to install and really easy to use in your compatible Vectric software! Learn three ways to get your installed content into your project.

New Gothic Flourishes Models OUT NOW!

We’re introducing our brand new Gothic flourishes model project to the Design & Make store! Throughout history the humble flourish has remained in vogue, adding decadence to even the most contemporary of interiors with smooth and whimsical shapes creating endless sublime patterns.
Transform these beautiful clipart models into grand theatrical borders, giving a touch of glamour to your furniture, mirror frames, plaques, gift boxes and other decorative accessories; either plain, painted, stamped or embellished. Why not turn your normal mirror layout into something flamboyant you might see in a movie, beckoning to be asked the question, "Who is the fairest of them all?"


Hack of The Week No.259 - Kids Room Sign


New Easter Themed Coming Soon!

The Wood Calling - Safari Art

Sonny and Hale felt the call of the wild after they returned from their once-in-a-lifetime safari trip and simply had to recreate their dream holiday as permanent art by carving highly detailed giraffe, black rhino, African bush elephants, zebra and cheetah in fine grain Bass wood.
This father and son tag team are partners in crime when it comes to creating projects together but they had no time to model each animal from scratch. Find out how they used these fabulous wildlife clipart models from the Design & Make store then created this wonderfully wild v-carved picture frame.
VIEW CASE STUDY ... -wall-art/

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