In The Labs at Christmas– Christmas Rudi Reindeer Project

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In The Labs at Christmas– Christmas Rudi Reindeer Project

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In this month’s “In The Labs” Christmassy sessions, Beki shows us how to make Rudi reindeer as a buddy for Snowman and Nordic Santa to join the family of two-sided projects created by Beki over the years. Inspired by Christmas cartoon characters, this cute reindeer is a fun way to help you decorate your home or create gifts for your friends and family, or for the more experienced users looking for ideas for your Etsy shop or to keep your kids busy helping with your Christmas crafting. Why not make your own family of two-sided Christmas critters to brighten up your mantel, spruce up your workshop, or create a unique chess set using all our double-sided characters!

Beki shows you how easy it is to create Rudi using simple shapes and double-sided tools in Aspire. Keeping the building blocks of the model to hand, she uses the create shape tool to quickly design the hooves, body, gloves, face, eyes, ears and nose and cropping his round feet using the split component tool to make him a stand-alone decoration. Beki shows how she created the fur texture using various sculpting tools and with the enhanced “show full model” option of version 11.5 she demonstrates how to sculpt individual components whilst having full visibility of the full Rudi model.

Making his 3D smile using the extrude tool to blend flat cross sections into a subtracted and recessed shape. With all of the individual elements modeled Beki uses her favorite modeling tool to “create a component from a visible model” to create the final composite, whilst still having access to all of the components that the model is built upon. With this being a two sided project Beki can easily take elements from the design and copy them over to the other side of the job all at the click of a button, where the software will flip the parts according to the flip direction she set. Beki show’s you how she set up her levels to include 3D tabs to hold the model to the material whilst its being machined as well as sharing a handy tip on how to avoid a cusped seam where she creates a negative base height to ensure the tooling machines below the zero plane. To ensure the two sides are aligned when the material is flipped over Beki shows us how to use the asymmetrical dowel placement method to ensure there is only one possible way that you can align the material to the spoil board during the flip process. To finish she then hand sands to remove the tabs and Rudi is ready for Santa’s sleigh!

This FREE project comes with the file(s) for you to download from your V&CO account along with a PDF document that highlights some of the key important steps to help you get through your project. For those of you yet to try our software packages, why not download our FREE trial software with these project files and give it a go!

To see how this project was created check out the full how to video here:

Click here to download the files: ... diReindeer

We love to see what you make so whatever your seasonal style, try out one of the projects for yourself then share your creative Christmas inspiration on the Vectric Forum or tag us on our socials.

Merry Christmas Making!

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