In The Labs at Christmas - Todd’s Mystery Mantel Message Project

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In The Labs at Christmas - Todd’s Mystery Mantel Message Project

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In our latest “In The Labs” at Christmas session, Todd shows us how to make a Christmas mystery mantel message, inspired by a back lit trade show sign. With a message that appears and disappears with the light, this makes for a simple, fun and stylish way to help you decorate your home or create gifts for your Christmas themed Etsy shop. This project is perfect for beginners to tackle, or for the more experienced users looking for fun ideas to keep those children or grandchildren busy with Christmas crafting. Why not make this project into a wintry window ‘shop open’ display, a fun Mantel piece decoration, personalised wedding gift, or even an ‘on air’ sign for the YouTuber in your life.

Todd shows you how to design this single-sided acrylic sign in VCarve sourcing some great Christmassy SVG files to create a fun message. Using the new and improved SVG import functionality, Todd opens the files directly in VCarve adjusting artwork features to customise the message and make it his own. He uses the neat lithophane view to see how it will look when it's backlit, then uses the toolpath preview to adjust for cutting acrylic and adapt the oak frame to house LED lights, battery and cabling. Why not give your backlit sign an extra edge by creating a theme set with different Christmassy messages in different coloured acrylics or woods as a finishing touch.

This FREE project comes with the file(s) for you to download from your V&CO account along with a PDF document that highlights some of the key important steps to help you get through your project.

Check out the full video to see how this project was created and machined:

Click here to download the files: ... telMessage

We love to see what you make so whatever your seasonal style, try out one of the projects for yourself then share your creative Christmas inspiration here or tag us on our socials.

Merry Christmas Making!

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