✨The Vectric Toy Shop is now open✨ Making a Spiro-Board

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✨The Vectric Toy Shop is now open✨ Making a Spiro-Board

Post by RebeccaJ »

Today we bring you our first Christmas project, a spiro drawing board courtesy of Todd!⚙
In this project, Todd will show you how he created a large scale Spiro Drawing Board that you can carry around, lay on a surface, open up, and have all that you need to create a large-scale spiro design.

Todd has made it so that it’s friendly for small hands where they can use crayons to create fun bold designs that could be colored afterwards.✏
One of the most useful techniques demonstrated in this project is how you can create the cogs or gears using a series of circles. Also, Todd gives you a few ideas for upgrades that would make this design even better. Don’t forget that because it is wood a little bit of breaking in will be needed so that means a bit of fun for the Elves even before the gift is wrapped! 🎁
Why not share some #kindnessthischristmas and machine this FREE project for a little one near you and if you do then don't forget to tag us or use the #kindnessthischristmas in your social posts, or share your spiro board right here on the forum so we can see how yours turned out.❤
Check out the video here:

You can download the project files here:
https://www.vectric.com/vectric-communi ... awingBoard
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Re: ✨The Vectric Toy Shop is now open✨ Making a Spiro-Board

Post by pviljoen »

What excellent timing. I was just starting on a project where I needed to learn the gears gadget. Much appreciated. If only I can "un-see" that sweater :D :D :D :D

Tip: Use a hand-soap bar and rub it on the gears to make them run/mesh smoother.

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