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Hey everyone!

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at Axiom Precision to create this project that is perfect for the summer season… sorry I meant the BBQ season! Yes, the weather is hot, hot, hot and we all love a good barbecue with our family and friends, so what better project than making something that’s quite practical for the BBQ King!

Austin and I thought this would also be a great idea to make a multi material BBQ Caddy, perfect for holding all of the essentials that you’ll ever need to host your next BBQ! The project is made entirely out of sheet material, using 3 different sheets, so the multi sheet functionality of V11 really comes in handy for this one! To learn all about the project and see it cut on Austin’s Axiom machine check out the accompanying video.

As always, as this is a slot together project please make sure to alter the design to suit the material thickness you are using, and always run test cuts first making use of the test area in the file provided!

We hope you enjoy making this project, we would love to see your version of this project so please post your version in the comments below :)

Download the free project files from your V&CO account here: ... s/BBQCaddy

Happy making!!

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