FREE Project of the Month - Arciform Wall Mirror

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FREE Project of the Month - Arciform Wall Mirror

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We have a brand new FREE Project courtesy of Michael Tyler waiting for you to download right now from your V&Co account!
See how he made it here:

He calls this project the Arciform Wall Mirror because the word arciform means “resembling an arch or having curves or rounded bends”. The design does indeed consist entirely of curvy drawn vectors and makes good use of Vectric software’s fluting and v-carving toolpath features to yield the desired result!

Features used while designing include import bitmap (i.e., a photo of my own crude sketch), Drawing and Node editing, Interactive Trim and Weld Vectors tools.

What are you waiting for? Head over to your V&Co account to download and machine this right away! ... formMirror

What will you be making this week? Let us know in the comments below :D

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