Emoji Stand and Pencil Holder!

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Emoji Stand and Pencil Holder!

Post by Todd Bailey »

In a world where everyone has a cell phone, it's hard not to know what an emoji is! They are perfect little icons that help to express just how you’re feeling in just one click. They are so popular that they have popped out of your phone and onto t-shirts, stickers, movies, and now into your woodworking projects!

Over at Design & Make we have, yet again, created a free 4 emoji pack of models that you can download and use. Sure they are great to add to a project you have on the go or just cut and give away. Those are both great reasons but we wanted to give you a little something more!

To get a hold of the FREE emoji clipart pack head over to https://store.designandmake.com/search/ ... LDEMOJIDAY where you can sign up and get your models right away!

Link to the Free Project in you V&Co Account - https://www.vectric.com/vectric-communi ... ncilHolder

In this project, we take 2 small off-cuts of pine and turn them into a desk display for an emoji and a place to keep a pencil or your cool emoji shades. It’s a simple project but very customizable so you could make one for each member of your family. That way you know exactly what kind of day they are having and can approach with caution if needed. For a bit of extra fun, have the youngsters in your family paint the emojis in the traditional colours (we would have but Todd was feeling a bit grumpy about it so we made it easy on him).

If you do make one of these classy stands or use the free emoji project from D&M for another project, make sure you let us know. Post it in the Vectric User Forum, socially and tag us or display it in the background of your next YouTube video, because that would be cool!

Keep safe, keep making, keep having fun!
Emoji Stand and Pencil Holder
Emoji Stand and Pencil Holder
Todd Bailey | Design and Make

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Re: Emoji Stand and Pencil Holder!

Post by mtylerfl »

Fun project to alert how someone’s day is going!

I love the description “...you can approach with caution if needed.”

Michael Tyler



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