In the labs with Todd & Peter Parfitt - FREE Shoehorn Project

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In the labs with Todd & Peter Parfitt - FREE Shoehorn Project

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Peter Parfitt, from The New Brit Workshop, recently guest appeared with Todd in our LIVE YouTube event. Peter shared some practical ideas he uses his CNC for in The New Brit Workshop.

Peter looks at his CNC as another tool in the shop allowing himself to utilize its accuracy to create all sorts of jigs and creating starting points for projects that he finishes using traditional woodworking techniques. Peter has been very generous and has included some of his VCarve and Aspire files he used for the ideas he shares so you can try them yourself or be inspired to create some of your own. These additional free files will be included in the shoehorn project download pack.

Peter also tossed us a challenge... can Vectric make a shoehorn on our CNC within 2 hours? That's the time it takes him to create a CNC/Woodworking version... can Todd do it? Have a watch of the video to see if he can pull it off. Then give it a try on your own using the free shoehorn files we have included with this event. Try it Peter’s way or if you have Aspire you can cut the full shoehorn on your CNC!

Watch the full YouTube event here:

If you are interested in what Peter is up to on his YouTube channel pop over and have a look! ... Cb4YFG00xQ

Download all of the FREE project files Peter talks about in his video here: ... nChallenge

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