FREE Project of the Month - The Bird Shack

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FREE Project of the Month - The Bird Shack

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The first half of the year is the perfect time for getting a bird house set out ready for birds to find secure accommodation for raising their new family. This fun Bird Shack project will provide a lovely new home for them.

The entire project is vector-based, and was created with the VCarve software. Some of the features used while designing this project include the create shape tools, array copy, drawing and node editing tools, snapping features, interactive trim, and fixed nudge.

Watch how Michael put this project together and finished it here:

The exterior surfaces of the sample are painted and glazed to accentuate the shallow-carved detail and achieve the “shack-like” appearance. No finish was applied to the interior surfaces at all, as some finishes can be toxic to birds. It might be alright to use a “food-safe” clear finish on the interior.

Download the free project files here: ... eBirdShack

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