Compass Rose Inlay

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Compass Rose Inlay

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Have you ever considered including a V-Carve inlay in your project, but didn't know where to start?

Tune in to our LIVE session on YouTube where our very own Todd Bailey will be joined by the wonder that is Mark Lindsay, from Mark Lindsay CNC. Mark will be walking us through his journey on creating his very first V-Carve inlay!

There is so much to share and learn in this video; from the lessons learned along the way to using it in an actual project Mark never intended it to be used for.

This video is great for beginners and we would love for those of you who are experienced with this sort of project to get involved in the conversation and add your tips and tricks for creating successful inlays.

Join us on Tuesday the 16th of February at 5 pm GMT where Mark will share his experience and the finished project!
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