Free project of the Month - Moose Rack

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Free project of the Month - Moose Rack

Post by Stephanie Downing »

Hi Everyone.

Introducing our latest free project courtesy of Michael Tyler :D The Moose Rack!

This fun project was inspired from many visits to our family camp located in northern Maine. We’ve seen moose there in the wild before, but on our most recent trip we didn’t spot any!

So here we go - a Moose just for you and me! There are four coat hooks installed on the project example, but you can use more or less, as desired. All that is needed is to modify the length of the rack panel to your heart’s content!

A few of the software features used while designing this project included the Drawing and Node editing tools, Geometry and Smart Snapping functions, Vector Offset, Interactive Trim (scissors tool), and the Inlay toolpath features.

Download the free project files here: ... kRackMOOSE
If you decide to make this project, we would LOVE to see how it turns out so why not share it on this thread.

Stay safe and keep making.

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Re: Free project of the Month - Moose Rack

Post by highpockets »

Another great project Michael....
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Re: Free project of the Month - Moose Rack

Post by mtylerfl »

Thank you, John!
Michael Tyler

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