The Soluna Box

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The Soluna Box

Post by helensdad »

Here is my completed Soluna Box, I posted the lid last week. Michael Tyer's instructions are clear and easy to follow. I am quite pleased with it as it is my first proper project. I messed up with the lids a bit, I think it id due to the box assembly being slightly out of line, I find it difficult to clamp up multiple parts single handed as I have bad arthritis in my wrists and hands which makes multi tasking difficult, but after a bit of tweaking I have got them to look reasonable. One slight issue I found was where the tabs are, the cutter has gone slightly off and marked the edges. I am going to invest in a decent plane to correct similar errors should they happen again. All in all though, a most enjoyable project and I will be now looking for similar projects. Made from American Oak (sourced in UK), with V Carve Desk top and a 500 x 750 Ooznest Ox with a Kress router.Image[/img][/img][/img][/img]

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Re: The Soluna Box

Post by Bob Reda »

Very nice. I like it!


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Re: The Soluna Box

Post by scottp55 »

Congratulations on your first completed "Proper Project"! :)
We always have something we would do better next time....It helps make us better!
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Well Done!!
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Re: The Soluna Box

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Thank you for showing us the photos of your finished Soluna Box! Great work!
Michael Tyler

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