Free Project - Wooden Backpack

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Free Project - Wooden Backpack

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I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this you too have a long list of projects in the back of your mind that you are itching to unleash and create! Well I certainly have and this particular project was one of those! I remember seeing wooden clutch bags and thought “wow, that’s cool”, now fashion is not everyone’s taste but we all think of textiles when we think of items in our wardrobe and when I saw wooden clutch bags I thought “I never would have thought to use wood to make a bag!”. So off I went looking for ideas on what to make and remembered a project I created a while back, “The Table and Stools”
(you can find that project here: ... ableStools)

In this project I learnt all about the technique to bend wood and thought this technique would be perfect to help create the backpack! There are quite a lot of techniques involved in this project, kerfing (bending wood), inlays, two sided machining and assembly! Take a look at the video of how I created the backpack here:

To download the free project files click here: ... enBackpack

I hope you enjoy making this project, we would love to see your version of this project so please make sure to tag us across our social media channels or upload images of your project here.

Happy Making!

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