New FREE CNC Project – Sundial | Part 3 Sundial

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New FREE CNC Project – Sundial | Part 3 Sundial

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We are delighted to bring you a very special Labs session! Here at Vectric we all love to make stuff, so we thought we would share our inspiration, designs and the CNC process with our community by sharing the free projects we make.

This fabulously detailed Sundial project has been crafted using the latest and greatest new features of version 11.5. The Sundial project gives users of Cut2D, VCarve and Aspire the chance to create your own individual stand-alone memento with the flexibility for Aspire users to combine each project to create a magnificent 3-part stackable gift. Sundial Part 3 is the ‘pièce de résistance’ featuring contrasting multi-materials including a beech dial and triangle ‘gnomon’ made from oak with carved brass to draw together a fantastic detailed family heirloom using all the latest functionality available in Aspire. The project also gives the flexibility to combine with Part 1 Adventure Map and Part 2 Explorer Frame to create an incredible gift that’s perfect for a special family occasion, a personal keepsake or conversation piece, or the ultimate project for your Etsy Store.

Each project comes with the file(s) for you to download, along with a PDF document highlighting some of the key important steps to help you get through your project. Go ahead, explore the project files and find your own voyage of discovery. Why not try the additional storage project and use two sided machining to create a slot and specially modelled base with feet to sit underneath your Sundial, then use it as a secret store for a mini map of a significant place or journey, or a special photograph, memento or family heirloom!

For those of you yet to try our software packages, why not download our FREE trial software and give it a go!

Click here to download the files: ... bs/Sundial

If you’ve been inspired to make your own Sundial project, we would love to see what you’ve made so don’t forget to share them here or tag us on our socials.

Happy making!

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