Need help with Gerber post processor

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Need help with Gerber post processor

Post by Mikehell »

I have a Gerber Sabre CNC. It does have the firmware version that will accept GCode. I have a post processor that was there when I started. The current post processor produces G-Code that's much larger than it should be. Example, I did a design that was a simple rectangle, single pass. File size is 15k, Almost 200 lines. Output to a normal GCode file is 2k. .

It looks like the post processor is breaking the thing into very small segments..

This machine is said to be able to accept "limited" GCode commands, but I can't find which commands these are anywhere.

I have attached the current post processor file

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Re: Need help with Gerber post processor

Post by Adrian »

You've posted the same question in the VCarve section -

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