Rich Auto A11 MM to IN

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Rich Auto A11 MM to IN

Post by cbr_speedster »

If anyone hears about an upgrade for the Rich Auto controller to read inch mode please let me know... I finally got it to read my inch programs but would like to see it on the control also.
Not sure how the controller can read an inch program but it shows it in metric... Strange.

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Re: Rich Auto A11 MM to IN

Post by Adrian »

You can use whatever units you like within the Vectric software and even use both at the same time (I have metric tools with imperial feed rates for instance) and as long as the post processor you use matches what the machine/controller software is expecting everything will work fine. The job of the post processor is not just to create the correct code it also converts everything to one set of units.

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Re: Rich Auto A11 MM to IN

Post by IslaWW »

The best bang for the buck is the Centroid Acorn. A number of Axiom users have upgraded to it
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