Mach 2/3 atc arc in aspire

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Mach 2/3 atc arc in aspire

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Have used Aspire for a while now for cutting cabinet parts. Have always had good luck cutting parts until recently. I'm getting over sized parts 1/32" and it is very consistent on all parts. I have been blaming bit deflection and vacume hold down but not able to find a feed rate or speed that changes this. Last week I was cutting two panels that where mirror copies of each other and the line bore shelf holes side stepped on one panel 1 inch. It was on only one line of the shelf holes. the other sheet is exactly what I had drawn a perfect line. Most of my problems started after updateing Aspire Not sure what is going on but would appreciate some help thanks

the post I'm running is Mach 2/3 arc atc

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Re: Mach 2/3 atc arc in aspire

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You can sort out whether it is a machine problem or a software problem by checking the g-code for problems. If there is no problem in the g-code, you have a machine problem or your material is moving.

If your parts are consistently oversized in x and y dimensions, a common problem that can cause this is an undersized bit.


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Re: Mach 2/3 atc arc in aspire

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Did you have a modified Post Processor in your previous version of Aspire that you haven't copied over to your new one?

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