Multicam (Aus) A2MC Post Processor

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Scott Browning
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Multicam (Aus) A2MC Post Processor

Post by Scott Browning »

Hi All,

Just been tasked with getting a Multicam (Australia) SR4015vi working with Vcarve Pro V8.0

Its' running an A2MC controller, and in the past has been used with EnRoute software, which I am not familiar with... but it has at least provided some known working G-Code to compare with my V-Carve output.

Today's trials were done with the AXYZ A2MC (MM) post processor (seemed like a good place to start :) ), and as long as a tool change was not involved all was fine (a tool change mid program would cause it to lock up). Comparing with the old G-Code, it appears just the missing M5 command was the issue:

Old EnRoute G-Code:

(First few lines)
G90 G56
N10 M5
N20 M6 T2
N30 G0 X73.8095 Y15.0000
N40 M3 S18000
N50 Z14.0000
N60 G1 Z4.3000 F1500

(A tool change further in)
N260 X191.8095 F4000
N270 G0 G40 Z14.0000 F500
N280 M5
N290 M6 T3
N300 G0 X125.6788 Y169.1163
N310 M3 S18000
N320 Z14.0000
N330 G1 Z9.0000 F1500

(First few lines)

N10(V-Bit (90 deg 1.25"))
N30M3 S18000
N40G0 X23.000 Y23.000 Z40.000
N50G0 Z20.000
N60G1 Z-3.700 F762.0
N70G1 Y123.000 F2540.0
N80 X123.000

This seems to work fine - as the spinlde is already stopped

but if we later need a tool change:

N120G0 Z60.000
N130(End Mill (4.763 mm))
N150M3 S12000
N160G0 X125.381 Y0.000 Z40.000
N170G0 Z20.000

It throws up an error (E710)

Manually putting the M5 command in before the M6TX line seemed to fix the issue... so I guess if i read the instructions I should be able to modify the AXYZ A2MC (MM) PP to do this automatically, but not sure if there should be anything else I should be looking out for? Does anyone have a tested PP to suit the Multicam + A2MC controller?



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Re: Multicam (Aus) A2MC Post Processor

Post by Richard93Vogue »

Hi Scott,

Did you ever get a fully functioning post processor for your aussie A2MC? We have just bought an aussie a2mc with auto tool changer and I can't find a post that works well as yet...


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