Post I's and J's

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Post I's and J's

Post by dond52 »

How can I get my Post Processor to post I's and J's instead of line segments?
I am using a modified Mach2_3 Arcs inch post processor.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Edit: I am trying to ramp a profile in a circle.

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Re: Post I's and J's

Post by Adrian »

If you're using a Post Processor with ARC in the name it should have the code in there already. Look for CW_ARC_MOVE and CCW_ARC_MOVE.

However I don't think that's your problem. If you're ramping then the code generated won't be completely arc code because it's moving down in the Z constantly for the ramp portion. Of course a lot depends on how long the ramp is, how many passes you're taking etc.

You can easily verify your arcs are working by creating a toolpath for a circle with ramping and one without, then edit the saved toolpath.

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