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CNC Contoller

Post by IJCNC »

Hi Guys

I may need to get a new controller for my machine, It would need to cope with the following

Servo motors up to 20m per min on an 8*4 machine
6 unit tool change
Be windows based or work within windows
Have ready avail Vectric postscript file...
Be as user friendly as possible... e.g dont want to spend hours on G code

Any Ideas


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Re: CNC Contoller

Post by IslaWW »

Mach, WinCNC and ShopBots SB3 will all do what you need. Prices vary with the product, as do the learning curve. IMHO SB3 is the most user intuitive interface, (no Gcode) but each has some features that the others do not.

disclaimer: Former SB user, now employee (somewhat biased)
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