Dynomotion... KFlop?

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Dynomotion... KFlop?

Post by ehsmith »

Is anyone out there using the Dynomotion control board and Kmotion?
I recently upgraded my machine to USB from parallel.
I'm using the dynomotion board. I really like the KMotion post processor.
I've been using Mach 3, but would like to switch over to Kmotion...
Vectric doesn't have a post processor routine for KMotion.
Anyone out there with a solution?
I've emailed Vectric, but haven't heard back yet.
Homer :cry:

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Re: Dynomotion... KFlop?

Post by Adrian »

According to their website the KMotionCNC program uses standard g-code so I would think one of the standard Vectric g-code post processors would work ok.

If it's got a simulation mode like Mach3 you could try a sampe with no risk.

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