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How do I save a file in open GL format [mm] to send to the processor software,[colidrive].I dont know what one to use from the list in 3d cut options?

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Re: 3D CUT

Post by gravirozo »

hi kiwibrent

greeting on the forum..


this webpage shows, you can import the gcode output of vectric programs...
if, if you were using colidrive..
means, among postprocessors you will find generic g code postprocessor. so, you make from drawing to toolpathing in vectric program and save toolpath in gcode format.
that toolpath can be imported to colidrive...

the best would be, if you werent sure, then contact first colinbus, also vectric will help you support at vectric dot com


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Re: 3D CUT

Post by Mark »

Hello Brent,

Just had a quick Google,
according to the Colidrive Manual PDF,
Supported file formats are:
• Colinbus files (*.col,*.cbr)
• ColiLiner files (*.bff)
• HPGL files (*.plt, *.hpg)
• other software files (*.iso,*.c3d,*.c4d)
• Target 3001 files (*.cbt)
• Isel files (*.ncp)
• G-Code (*.gcd,*.nc,*.cnc)
• SML files(*.sml).

So for a 3D file , the best Cut 3D post processor to try, might be the
"G-Code Arcs (mm)(*.tap)" one.

I hope that this helps,



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