Help: Post Processor Pratix S12 with ATC

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Re: Help: Post Processor Pratix S12 with ATC

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Hi guys,

I've just found myself in completely the same position as you. I've just bought a SCM Pratix S15 (with ATC and drill block) and I foolishly thought I would be able just to use it as I did my previous 10x5 ATC with VCarve.

Did you guys get a contact for purchasing the SCM post processor? Was that SCM in America? I've heard nothing back from SCM in the UK as of yet.

I had an engineer over last Friday who was starting to show me some of it's features and it's way more complicated and clunky than I'm used to. He started trying to get the post processor working that was built into the latest version of VCarve Pro 10.5 (called SCM Pratix P15 Arcs (mm)) as it was the better coding of the 3 options there.

After having a few goes at editing the PP a bit he was able to cut a square with 'on line' cutting option chosen and once he had changed the Z as a negative value in the SCM system (as originally it was doing up for down movements and down for up's). Unfortunately as soon as we asked it to do a square with 'outside cutting' option it mucked up the corners as it seems to be doing a negative arc.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Help: Post Processor Pratix S12 with ATC

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A little bit late to the party here as well :oops: i'm looking into replace my SCM record 120 with a Pratix 12A, so I slipped in here when lookin for a postprocessor. What I thought I would comment on is the "bobbing" of router head/spindle in between cuts. Seems as SCM machines has a fixed plunge height (Z2 in Aspire setup) to which it returns after (or before?) hitting the Z2 set in Aspire. Setting Z2 to the same height (25 mm on my machine if I remember correctly) will solve this problem.
Hope this can help someone out there.


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