Post Processor for a Shark hd510 Spindle delay

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Mark Jones
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Post Processor for a Shark hd510 Spindle delay

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I upgraded Vectric to 11 and noticed my router was delayed 8 seconds before it started moving to the cut. After a few months I got tired of this delay. The post processor for the Shark HD510 has several processor files listed. They all work just fine but the delay is no longer a problem when I switched back to the CNCShark USB Archs (inches).pp Post Processor file. The latest version had a nextwave (inches) that had the M04 (P8) set to delay that allows a spindle to get up to speed. My router doesn't need this time so it was annoying to me.

You can manually edit these files in Vcarve or just download and setup the right post processor file.

I think they would be better named
CNCSharkUSBRouter(Inches).pp for the router users.
CNCSharkUSBSpindle(Inches).pp for the spindle users.

for the Metric folk just change (inches) to (metric) this would be a better naming convention.
Thanks and have a great day with your CNC machine!

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