Editing Inherited Post Processors

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Editing Inherited Post Processors

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I'm doing a lot of repetitive work using fixtures, and finding it very tedious needing to check and select the relevant G55-59 co-ordinates each time i run a program.

So based on some searches here i'm going to, make a series of different PP's named <name>(G55), <name>(G56) etc. and then select them when exporting the code.
What i want to do (i think - tell me if i'm wrong) is insert the G55 (or whatever) into the header after G90.

My standard PP (Shapeoko mm) is inherited from Grbl.
How is the best way to edit it?

Should i copy and modify the Grbl file directly? The Shapeoko file is as follows:

POST_NAME = "Shapeoko (mm) (*.gcode)"
POST_BASE = "Grbl_mm.pp"

So do i just copy the Grbl, and then add the LASER_SUPPORT = "YES" line onto the end?
Or is there a clever way to do this so that it can still inherit any future updates to Grbl?

Many thanks

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