Aspire/Axiom Discoveries for NEWBIES

Topics related to wrapped rotary machining in Aspire or VCarve Pro
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Aspire/Axiom Discoveries for NEWBIES

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A couple important things I have learned that were NOT documented:

1. XY Zero: The X0 is the CENTERLINE of the stock between the head and tailstock - NOT the lower left corner (which is what I traditionally used). Y can be set at either end or the middle per usual.
2. Normally, I Home, then ORIGIN then carve. But occasionally when I know the ORIGIN is the same, I will just run a tool path and let it go. In Aspire, my generated G-code DOES NOT X0 before running the path - It presumes you are on X0 because the only movements during a 4th axis carve are Y, Z and A. So it is important to hit the origin button first or you could be cutting in space.
3. If you have a RICHAUTO controller, the RT Parameter set to NEAREST will screw up your project. To fix: MENU, System Setup, Function Configuration, Find RT Type Parameter and change from NEAREST to NORMAL. This will fix the rotation problem. Reboot and run.

Good Luck

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