Wrapping 4th axel does not work - HELP

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Re: Wrapping 4th axel does not work - HELP

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Hello Idefixer,

There will not be any G2 / G3 moves with a wrapped rotary file.
G2 /G3 moves are arc moves (segments of a circle) within a plane, (X,Y X,Z Y,Z on most machines)
The current plane that a CNC machine is operating in, is normally set on a G-code controlled machine by means of a G17, G18 G19 code.
The output of a circle or any other arc segment drawn in the X,Y plane, when wrapped around a cylinder, would not result in G2/G3 codes.

As others have mentioned, your problem looks to be a mechanical one.

Does the control or control software that runs your machine, have a toolpath preview?

If yes, do you see the problem on the control preview window?



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