Magnate Barley Twist Bit

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Re: Magnate Barley Twist Bit

Post by Michael$ »

What is a barley twist bit I us a 3/8 th end mill and 1/8 tapped ball nose having some problems with the 1/8 finish it seems like the rough cut is a little to deep on only one side of the twist the other side looks great it says to use 3\8th em SD I do not know what the SD means

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Re: Magnate Barley Twist Bit

Post by SteveNelson46 »

The original problem was solved by these 2 things:

I used the rounding toolpath gadget on the rotary indexer to round the blank.
Set z-zero to the center of rotation and re-adjusted after a test pass.

Z-zero has to be set "spot-on" for the toolpaths to meet at the top of the arcs.

BTW, we are talking about using toolpaths and a Magnate barley twist bit. There is a picture of the bit in one of the above posts. The other option is to use a raster cut using an end-mill bit for the roughing pass and a finish pass with a ball nose bit. I wound up using this option with a 1/16" TBN and an 8% step-over. The 1/16" bit went deeper in the crevasses for a better twisted look. The raster method took longer to cut but a lot less sanding.

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