inverted and speed

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inverted and speed

Post by GaryR6 »

New guy to wrapping.....just a couple of questions.....before my head blows up.
1) Is there a way to have the carved image reflect the image as shown in the *.crv file?
In v-carve wrapping, the image that is carved is the mirror image of the *.crv file.
The setup used is to wrap X around Y with the center as the XY origin and top surface as Z origin. It is a Simple Wrap.
If the cylindar axis (Bottom) is specified for Z0, the machine writes in space above the cylindar.

2) The speed for the rotation of the A-Axis is VERY VERY high. How is it slowed down?
With the speeds showing on the machine computer for X and Y at 16%," A" shows 32,000.
Using a Cammaster stinger.

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Re: inverted and peed

Post by mfirlott »

Cannot remember how to fix the mirror image as Gary Campbell provided me with the wincnc.ini edit. I had the same issue and apparently my rotary was spinning counterclockwise.

Maybe Gary or another knows what was done. I cannot see what the fix was in my wincnc.ini file.

Sorry not much help...just trying to explain what's happening. Your rotary is spinning counterclockwise.
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Re: inverted and peed

Post by AlanAndrews »

With my CNC, I can change the rotation by changing the dip switch settings on each motor driver.

I had to do this when I first set up the machine.

The controller also allows me to change direction by changing software settings - Low to High or vice versa.

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Re: inverted and peed

Post by eph210 »

In WinCNC the direction of the motor rotation is set on the axisspec line for that motor. The O value sets the direction and can be 0 or 1. Check the WinCNC manual page 49.
I find setting the cylinder axis as Z zero to work the best in rotary work. Make sure the material thickness is the radius of the cylinder.
What post processor are you using? The CAMaster rotary post processor sets the rotary speed value to the equivalent of the XY speed settings at the surface of the cylinder.

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