NextWave's Chess pieces on a 4th axis rotary

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NextWave's Chess pieces on a 4th axis rotary

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Good morning all:

I have just acquired a 4th axis rotary for my CNC. I have made the NextWave Chess set via the two sided method and really enjoyed the project My thinking was to re-doing the set via the rotary as a way to learn Aspire & rotary.

Here is my problem and where I'm looking for help.

The chess pieces in the VCarve files are two sided (A top side and a bottom side). In order for me to re-create the files for a rotary, from what I can tell, I need to import a complete STL file. In other words the two sides are combined into one solid model.

I can't seem to find a way to export the two sides from the vcarve file into a complete one piece to import into a new rotary file.

Maybe I'm tacking the problem incorrectly. How would I go about cutting the chess set via a rotary rather than the two sided machining method?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Re: NextWave's Chess pieces on a 4th axis rotary

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You might try the MeshLab or some editing software instructions here: ... stl-files/

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