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Asked and answered?

Post by crash5050 »

For some reson my searchis excluding words, so I couldn't find an answer for this.

So here goes.

1. I start a new File,
2. I set up my boars as illustrated in Pic 1
3. I import the wolf from the design and carve CD
4. I want a big wolf, going to frame it and put it on a wall, as illustrated in the second pic (I hope this does not violate a copywrite)
5. I select the wolfie, and try to do a 3d roughing toolpath on him
4. I get the error as illustrated in the last pic.

Am I missing something?

job setup.JPG

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Re: Asked and answered?

Post by WhittlinShed »

The thickness of the model is bigger than the thickness of your material...In your modeling tab, you'll find the icon to scale z height, or model height....just scale it down to fit into your material...

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Re: Asked and answered?

Post by Adrian »

As for the searches there are two ways not to get your words excluded. First one is to go to and enter your search in the box there. The other is to go to Google and type "xxx yyy zzz". Obviously substituting "xxx yyy zzz" for you search words.

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