Looking for Native American/Indian STL, For VCarve 11

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Re: Looking for Native American/Indian STL, For VCarve 11

Post by SteveNelson46 »

Don't let your ego get the best of you. We all started out making really dumb mistakes. I know I sure did and still do. Just when I think that I've conquered the program someone solves a problem in ways that I didn't even think of. Post your file so we can help. No one is going to judge you because you approach the problem in unconventional ways. That's how we all learned.

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Re: Looking for Native American/Indian STL, For VCarve 11

Post by BKeith »

Thanks, I found the problem and it was operator error. Too much time spent at one time trying to learn this stuff and was making a stupid mistake. After I got away from it for a while, came back and as soon as I sat down the idiot light came on. I've had the machine over two weeks and still have not tried carving anything on it. Just learning Vcarve. and the machine by doing air cuts and seeing if the machine looks like it's doing what it's supposed to do.
As for the problem, this was a four-tiered hole so I could cut a ramp on one side. I was putting in the cut start depth for each tier, but I was putting in the remainder of the cut for the depth of cut instead of the small amount it needed to cut. I'm getting about ready to move it out to my shop and make some chips with it though. Gotta see how fast I can break the tip off one of these small bits from over feeding it.

I see you are in Tucson. I was stationed a DM (868th TMTS) back in the early 80's when the AF was starting up the Ground Launch Cruise Missile Program and that was the training center. Spent a lot of time in the desert there trying to teach AF desk fliers how to play GI Joe.

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