3d geometric panels

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3d geometric panels

Post by christo »

Noob here. I would like to replicate this style of geometric 3d pattern, but not having too much success so far. Can anyone verbally clue me in to the tools I should be using in this process? I don't need a full tutorial, just some basic hints and tips to get me moving in the correct direction. Thx

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Re: 3d geometric panels

Post by mtylerfl »

In Aspire, I might create the main design on a flat (thin) Plane, then use the Smooth function to help “blend” the raised design into the Plane.

Then I would create a separate Plane consisting of the underlying shapes (smoothed/blended).

Place the first model atop (Add Merge style) the underlying shapes model and Bake or create a composite model from visible components.
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Re: 3d geometric panels

Post by adze_cnc »

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that the person on Etsy these come from is using a combination of Rhinoceros 3D and the parametric design language Grasshopper that comes with it. The second one appears to be a simple "Vornoi" pattern converted to 3D.

Given the ease of generating new designs using Grasshopper/Rhino I'm not sure that £21 is justified for the cost of the model. But then agan I'm not running a commercial entity.

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