out of soft limit error

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out of soft limit error

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I'm new to using my Axiom machine and am getting an error on a project. The error is "X+ out of soft limit"
Could use some help in explaining the problem.

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Re: out of soft limit error

Post by gkas »

How big is the piece you're trying to machine? What is the size of your Axiom machine?

Say your bed is 2' wide (x axis) x 4' high (y axis). You zero your spindle to the center of X axis, x=12", y=0". Your piece is 18" wide and you've created the gcode with the material origin at the bottom left. When you go to machine the part, you will get "X+ out of soft limit" because your X axis cannot travel far enough to the right to machine it. It's falling off the right side.

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