OMNI 1325 Z axis Jam

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OMNI 1325 Z axis Jam

Post by weirdbeard »

Hello all,
I have a new OMNI 1325 that randomly seems to jam or get stuck on "goto Zero" moves or at the start of running a job in MACH3
I can manually jog the CNC at full speed without issues and when the job is running there are no issues.
If I move the CNC and hit Goto zero maybe 1 in 10 times in will jam as in the video that can be seen here -
Most of the time when i do this a thud or clunk can be heard but the move manages to finish as one would expect
Occasionally it will work without any thud,clunk or jam.
Im totally stumped, reducing the movement speed of the Z axis is not the issue as I can manually jog at full speed without issue
I do not understand how the goto zero command in mach 3 is being treated different to just normal Jogging operations and if this is a mach3 setup issue or an issue with the CNC controller
any expert advice would be greatly appreciated as so far OMNI support have been unable to provide any meaningful assistance

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Re: OMNI 1325 Z axis Jam

Post by ger21 »

It's not a Mach3 setting.

If you are using the parallel port, check the CPU usage during the Goto Zero move.

If you're not using the parallel port, it may be due to an undersize power supply.

One thing to try is to enable Safe Z (Config > Safe Z). Then the Z will move first, so only the X and Y move together. This may help.
Gerry -

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Re: OMNI 1325 Z axis Jam

Post by Ken Rychlik »

The video looks like it's slamming into the bed. Is machine zero at the top?
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