User-Defined Folders

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User-Defined Folders

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I recently installed the latest update to VCarve Pro v9.5 and was pleased to see there is a 'Laser' tool that can be defined now. I have been using an end mill definition modified such that it used parameters that worked for my laser. I'm just starting to learn laser engraving and every little bit helps.

One thing still missing from the software is user-defined folders, though. Other software I have used over a good many years has that provision in their program options. I have wondered why Vectric, as advanced as they are, has not provided this functionality. It would be helpful for those of us who work between a desktop in our shop and a laptop at home. One vital area it would help me with is the Tool Database. Occasionally, I'll define a tool via one PC, then forget it's not there on the other. The ability to define a network or cloud folder as the location for the Tool Database, Post Processors, etc., would make the software more professional than it is already.
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