Corel Draw

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Corel Draw

Post by captmike »

What are the advantages of Corel Draw? I want to import JPEG pictures from the web. I use VCarve Pro 9.5 and I found that when I turn the photo to vectors, the vector lines are broken and the image is incomplete. Will Corel Draw fix this? Thanks Mike

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Re: Corel Draw

Post by nicksilva »

I've used corel draw for years. in combination with the corel paint (part of the same suite), I've
successfully converted over 8000 images in my time, with better accuracy than I get from Aspire.
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Re: Corel Draw

Post by dhellew2 »

Corel draw is a graphics probram therefore designed to do graphics so it does have more tracing tools. Each has their own purposes. I too often use Corel to trace before importing into Aspire.
What Aspire does well, Corel does not.
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Re: Corel Draw

Post by Adrian »

There are lots of different tracing tools out there. I've beta tested some which are the same price as VCarve and all they do is automatically trace images.

One thing to bear in mind is that tracing in a lot of graphics packages is aimed at producing a trace that is visually correct not one that is meant for another program to read and produce toolpaths from. With many images of the type that would be used for CNC work that is not an issue but with complex colour photographs it can be.

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