2 days work down the drain!

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Re: 2 days work down the drain!

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Sorry for what happens, but to me all the information being written here are good infos , it happend to me a couple of time and the problem was the electricity had a blink of the eyes like, and that was enough to change the course of your work there fore the change of lines. did the electricity
went down a fraction of a second.
Have you tried to rerun your job, if it does the same thing have a look at your program or do what other members has told you, if not it looks like
i have said earlier the blink of an eye (electricity)
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Re: 2 days work down the drain!

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The only time I've ever had an issue like that was by doing things on the PC running Mach3. If you click anywhere on the toolpath screen while it's running or even by resizing (tiling) the Mach screen while cutting. Not sure if you are running Mach3 but did you mess with it or did a screen saver kick in or anything?


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Re: 2 days work down the drain!

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I have the control computer and control box running through a UPS system in case I get a short power glitch. The spindle and VFD are 3 phase, so there's no UPS system on that.

I do run Mach3, and I know that it's easy to interrupt it, so I leave it alone while it's routing.

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