New hard drive

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New hard drive

Post by MADDOG »

Hi, I am out of space on my laptop and want to put a new hard drive and more ram on my laptop and wanted to know if I upgrade my laptop will I have to reregister and get a new liscence to use aspire. Thanks

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Re: New hard drive

Post by mike1966 »

If you add another harddrive and keep the existing drive too it wouldn't require installing any of your programs again.
You could also use a portable harddrive that uses a usb

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Re: New hard drive

Post by martin54 »

You could add an external data storage device as mentioned which would mean you don't need to make any changes at all. If you swap out the drive for a larger drive then you will need to reinstall all your software which would mean you would need all the licence keys for them to run. You shouldn't have to reregister or get another key as you are allowed to run the software on more than one machine to start with.
You could try cloning your original drive onto the new drive but some software is clever enough to know this has been done & will require re activation. Not sure if that is true of aspire.

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Re: New hard drive

Post by Adrian »

If you do change the main hard drive and re-install Windows then you will need to re-install Aspire using the DVD and the original license codes that you were supplied. There is no need to apply for a new license.

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