Moving March3 Mill to my new PC - Help

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Moving March3 Mill to my new PC - Help

Post by laurentmalouin »

Hello guys,

I bought a new computer 2 months ago. On my old PC, I have Vcarve pro and March3 Mill, everything is working well.
I made a copy of the folder where Mach3Mill was installed (in C:/), from my old PC to my new one and I am not able to control my CNC.

The CNC and the controller are both homemade. I bought them from someone. I am trying to contact him for months and even today, he is still not taking my calls.

Please guys I really need your help to make Mach3Mill works on my new PC.

I will really appreciate your help

Thank you


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Re: Moving March3 Mill to my new PC - Help

Post by Woodbutcher-59 »


I think you need to re-install Mach3 on the new PC.

Just copying the folder won't do it....

Hope this helps,

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Re: Moving March3 Mill to my new PC - Help

Post by PaulRowntree »

The install of Mach3 is very important, and you have to go through the initial checks to set the clock speed etc. The manual is very insistent on this point.
Paul Rowntree
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Re: Moving March3 Mill to my new PC - Help

Post by martin54 »

As Paul says you will need to do a fresh instal of mach3 on your new computer I believe the software allows you to have it running on 2 machines so you should be ok with the licence.
How is the PC controlling the machine ?? Via the parallel port or via usb?? A lot of more up to date computers have power saving functions & the PP voltage (3.3v) is to low for mach3.

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Re: Moving March3 Mill to my new PC - Help

Post by larryo »

the 3.3 volts are okay you will just have to use a break out board or somthing similer and yes you will have to load mach 3 again from a down load once you buy mach 3 you will have a licence for ever I had to download to a new computer before no problem. You may have to go and ask at the mach web site for you file info but you will not have a problem. Good luck. You do have a real mach 3 licence dont you if not it only cost a hundred or so dollars I am sure under 2..

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