dnc softare

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dnc softare

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In my last post, I highlighted my problem of not being able to get a z axis control from HPGL. I've been trawling the net and found some dnc software. Reading the product description I'm assuming that I would be able to use this in a similar manner to a printer driver and output my cut 2d files complete with the z command that my machine understands without the use of a cam program. This would save me having to use my old dos software on a seperate pc.
Has anyone actually used this type of software?

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Re: dnc softare

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I havent used this type of software, but my thought on this is that if you are using HPGL - you will not and cannot get any Z information since you are only working in the 2D world. HPGL is basically printer language. Any code output from this is only going to give you a fixed Z height.

It may be time to upgrade your software to Cut 3D or Vcarve if you need Z height control. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish you might also look at other software for 2-1/2D control. This is a very popular and very robust program. You can do full 3D work with it but only at fixed Z settings, it will not constantly move the Z spindle up and down as you can do with Vectric software (except for hole drilling). With other software, you would have to specify the Z tool height for each operation.


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