How to Curve text

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How to Curve text

Post by jberning »

I need some input on how to curve text.

I have version 5.504 of Vcarve pro and I am trying to curve text.
I tried to use the CONVERT TEXT CURVE but it comes bact and says to select text which I did before I selected the CONVERT TEXT CURVE button.

I also tried the wrap text along a curve but the apply button is gray not black so it does not function.

If anyone can help I sure would appreciate it.

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Re: How to Curve text

Post by Adrian »

The Convert Text to Curve command is for making text vectors into normal vectors which isn't what you want.

The Wrap Text Along a Curve is the right command. To use it you need to create some text using the Text command and to draw a curve. You then select the text and the curve before selecting the Wrap Text command. The Apply button will then be available.

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