Mach 2 Mill

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Mach 2 Mill

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I am currently running Mach 2 which is licensed and would like to upgrade to Mach 3. Is there a charge and if not, how do I go about doing it and what is the procedure to convert Mach 2 to Mach 3. Thanks

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Re: Mach 2 Mill

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Probably best to post this on the mach forum

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Re: Mach 2 Mill

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There's no charge to go from Mach2 to Mach3. YOU Can even have both installed and use either one. Just download Mach3 and install it in it's own folder. Then just copy the license file from the Mach2 folder to the Mach3 folder.

You'll need to manually set up your ports and pins, and motor tuning.
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